Unfair Competition

unfair competitionIs a competitor making unfair use of your brand or protected intellectual property, such as trademark or trade secrets? Has someone acted to induce another to terminate a valuable contract with you or your business? Is someone spreading false and damaging information about you or your business? The law provides remedies to many instances of unfair competition. The Tindal Law Firm will advise you on what legal avenues you have available to remedy this kind of conduct.

Misuse of the brand that your business has built through years of hard work, reliable performance, and good service can be lost to someone intentionally disparaging your business or promoting other products or services so as to create confusion about your company in the marketplace. Unfair competition spans all areas that involve the use of any kind of deceptive or fraudulent trade practice in business: false advertising, use of insider information by a competitor or an ex-employee to attract customers, theft of trade secrets and illegal substitution of one brand of goods for another.  We work toward putting an end to these damaging activities and also recovering financial compensation for all the damage already done.

>We prosecute all manner of claims for unfair competition.  Conversely, maybe you have been falsely accused of unfair competition.  In either instance, we can advice you in investigating and developing your case to deliver a best-case outcome.  We welcome you call to 832-404-2015 or email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your unfair competition case.