Injunctions / TROs

law hammerMany times zealous prosecution or defense of legal claims involves application for extraordinary relief. This arises with more frequency in cases grounded in trade secret misappropriation, breach of non-compete or non-solicitation agreements, and infringement of intellectual property rights, but other cases can also present situations where it is necessary or advisable to have the trial court enter temporary orders to preserve the status quo-- to issue an injunction to require your opponent to do a particular thing, or (more commonly) to refrain from doing particular things.  The Tindal Law Firm, handles legal cases involving permanent injunctions, temporary injuncntions and temporary restraining orders (TROs).

If you or your business is called to respond to your opponent's application for TRO or temporary injunction, we can work with you to defend against issuance of the injunction. These cases are extremely time-sensitive, being that the hearing on the TRO application is generally immediate-- within the day-- and the temporary injunction hearing is set for hearing on a 10 to 14 day notice. We have represented litigants in civil cases in applications for extraordinary relief in federal and state court. We are quick to gather the essential facts and assemble the application or response so that you can feel secure in your rights when you work with us.

We are available to answer what questions you might have about the processes in obtaining or resisting an injunction or TRO in Houston-area courts. The temporary injunction phase will typically drive the course of the overall lawsuit, so highest importance should be placed on enforcing your rights at this early stage. Contact the Tindal Law Firm at 832-404-2015 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss extraordinary relief in your case.