Health Care

HealthCareWe provide assistance in cases pertaining to health care sector. The health care industry is governed by various federal and state regulations, and it is important for physicians, clinics, and hospitals to stay informed about the law and in compliance with the law. Troy Tindal provides legal advice on matters relating to license and regulatory matters, negotiating purchases of hospitals and medical companies, and other regulatory matters.

Our firm provides professional services in business matters that might arise in the health care sector, such as the purchase and sale of private clinics and hospitals, marketing and non-compete agreements, and other similar commercial transactions. Troy also offers confidential consultation to "whistle blowers" who are looking to expose and remedy fraud committed against Medicare, Medicaid, or other governmental program or agency, as well as other abuses of position or laws.

We will review intended transactions in regard to the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute or Stark Law. We will also review clinic and hospital procedures on maintaining the privacy of patient information and taking measures to de-identify and avoid any manipulation with patient data.

We believe in delivering exceptional service to our clients. If you have health care concerns for us to address, we can be reached at 832-404-2015 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.